Calvin T. Wilson II, M.D.

CalvinWilsonA specialist in the fields of Gynecology and Bariatric Medicine. Dr. Wilson received his B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and his Medical Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, school of medicine.

With many years of experience, Dr. Wilson and his staff provide compassionate care to their patients along with the most innovative medical technology.

Every year Dr. Wilson helps many people lose weight and to live active and healthy lifestyles using a combination of hormone therapy and dietary regimens. He prides himself on making patients feel good about themselves and building their self-esteem.*

Dr. Wilson is also a specialist in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy for women and men. When appropriate, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to achieve relief from menopausal symptoms. Other benefits include relief from anxiety as well as depression, and help increasing your sex drive. The therapy works with your body around the clock. The procedure places the hormone painlessly under the skin.*

Dr. Wilson has achieved wonderful results treating men as well as women. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy helps men to achieve sustained levels of testosterone, which helps with achieving and sustaining an erection.*

Dr. Wilson also provides outpatient Gynecological services.

Some of Dr. Wilson’s clients include professional entertainers and pro athletes. His one goal is to help them, and many others, achieve their ideal state of balance, so they can excel in their craft at peak performance.*

Dr. Wilson designs programs uniquely to fit the lifestyles of each individual patient. Progression is monitored to ensure the highest quality of care.