Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs to be taken care of properly. With the responsibility of absorbing vitamin D or necessary topical medication administered, your skin also carries the years of your life. Did you know your collagen and elastin fibers, the ones that rejuvenate and help with skin elasticity, stop producing around age 13? This means as you age and undergo sunburns, dramatic climate changes, and stress, your skin is affected and is not able to reproduce those fibers. For women, each night you do not remove your makeup, you can age your skin as much as 21 days. Having a proper daily skin care regimen is vital to the health and longevity of your skin.

By implementing a routine skin care regimen, you will decrease wrinkles and lines, increase the amount of hydration, and your skin will actively feel and look younger.* These things can be achieved without invasive and expensive surgeries. When you complete our free skin care evaluation, you can determine the age of your skin based on your daily habits. Once identified, we will start exploring and implementing the most beneficial skin care regimen for you. Don’t forget to ask and see if you qualify for discounts using our skin analyzing magnifying machine (S.A.M.M.) to help navigate the direction of skin care you need.*

Living Great also offers Botox and Dysport treatments to help enhance your skin, making it wrinkle free and smooth. Call today for your evaluation.