weight-imgWith obesity increasing at an alarming rate in the United States, it’s starting to catch our attention more than ever. According to the CDC, obesity is at a 70.7 percent across the US. Comprehensively, that leaves two-thirds of adults obese. In addition to these statistics, over three hundred thousand preventable deaths occur each year due to . Our passion at Living Great is to help you reach your ideal weight, but even more so, to help prevent the issues obesity causes through our weight loss programs.*

The complications of being overweight often show up after bad habits have already formed, or health issues have surfaced. With a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and an array of cancers, obesity is a form of a ticking time bomb. Our focus is to help you understand how your body works, and help it function the way it is meant to by using individual plans, based on each person. Because we are all different, our bodies process and metabolize differently as well. At Living Great, we design each weight loss program solution around how your body is designed. Using BHRT for weight loss programs ensures the catering to your hormonal make up. In extreme cases, we are able to HCG that can help increase weight loss as much as a pound per day.*


One helpful approach to help in weight loss, which is relatively popular, is detoxing. Detoxing your colon can be effective and beneficial in multiple ways. By ridding your digestive system of harmful toxins, especially if the individual has a poor diet, you are able to bring your body back to a balance. At Living Great we offer three different forms of detox to help with weight loss and cleansing your system. It’s important to note that if you’re going to detox, do it in a safe manner. All of our detox methods are effective, safe, and manageable for even the simplest of lifestyles. With no unusual herbs or spa time necessary to complete any of them, you can be sure we won’t be throwing any curve balls your way.*


When you look into doing a cleanse, considering a dietary supplement to help assist your body with the process is a great idea. Using a probiotic with a prebiotic is extremely beneficial to help load you up with the proper nutrients you need. If you are eating during your cleanse, adding a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme can help your system break down your food in the best way and help your body absorb all necessary nutrients from it. Actually, the American Medical Association has made a statement saying all should take supplements, and in addition, Dr. Wilson believes no one can get optimal nutrition from foods alone. In order to properly supplement your body, you need to know what you body needs. Dr. Wilson has spoken to audiences of thousands regarding detox, cleansing, and supplements, and the positive effects it has on your system. He is able to help design a weight loss program specific to your needs and body type, in order to achieve your best level of health.*