We are commonly approached about insurance policies, questions, and misconceptions. This page is dedicated to answering some of those questions so that you can feel more educated about our office, what your insurance can do for you, and why our office will save you the most money for higher quality service.

Many of our patients ask why we do not accept insurance for our services. The answer is fairly simple…. Insurance does not cover many of our services and would preclude us from providing services to many who can benefit from our services.

We live in a great country with many freedoms and liberties, but when it comes to healthcare, many global agencies see our service as more reactive than proactive. The US has been ranked as low as 100th in the world in regards to disease prevention and health optimization.

At Living Great, we believe in health optimization. Unfortunately, many of these types of services are not covered by insurers and your policies. Other services are covered only partially. To accept insurance for any of these would mean higher pricing for all.

Therefore, to provide the best services at the most reasonable pricing, we opt to not accept insurance and to give all of our patients equal access to a high level of care at a reasonable cost. All said and done, our structure will actually save you out of pocket money compared to the use of insurance.

Many of our services are covered by health savings accounts and similar vehicles. Check with your HR provider for details.

We also accept medical financing plans such as Care Credit. Applications are available in our office.

If you have any further questions on insurance policies and why our structure is in your best interest, please don’t hesitate to reach out!