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  1. I Am Back In Control

    I was frustrated, angry, emotional, tired and totally out of control. Three to four weeks after I got the injection I was calm, the hot flashes were gone and most of all, I was back in control.…Read More

  2. I Would Recommend to Anyone

    Since starting the HRT pellets I have noticed an increase of energy and a renewal to a excellent sex drive and overall a sense of well being. There are no longer hot flashes nor sweats. My memory is improving yet still. I would recommend the HRT pell…Read More

  3. I Feel Better Mentally and Physically

    Approximately two weeks after the injection I felt better mentally and physically. I sleep through the night and feel rejuvenated in the morning. I have lost ten pounds and my complexion is clearer. I am constantly complimented by friends on my appea…Read More

  4. I Feel Renewed

    Since having my first treatment of the pellets I found a big difference in how I felt. I felt renewed in my sexual life. My surgeon who sees me regularly for cyst on my breast found some improvement since I started the treatment as well.…Read More

  5. Thank You So Much!

    Thank you so much for the hormone replacement pellets. The difference in my emotional well being is amazing. I am calmer, clearer and in general just feeling better. The insertion is quick and painless and your staff is great.…Read More


*Note: All testimonials are from real patients at Living great, with real experiences. We do want to recognize that results will vary from person to person.

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