Living Great’s mission is to help reverse the clock for your life. Located in Dover, we proudly serve the Symra area. By using our Bioidentical Hormone Replace Therapy (BHRT), natural levels of hormones can be restored and symptoms of menopause or testosterone deficiency can be mitigated. Unlike typical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT uses natural, plant derived medications. They are then chemically changed in a laboratory to match the specific type of hormone your body would produce. There are multiple benefits to BHRT, such as:

  • Aids in the prevention of Osteoporosis, restores strength in the bones
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Decreases risk of depression
  • Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Helps balance moods

And much, much more! At Living Great, our passion is your optimal health in every facet. Don’t let age slow you down, reverse your biological clock and regain the balance you once had! Contact us today for more information.