1. Is Your Depression Caused By Low Testosterone?

    Every year, it is estimated that over 5.25 million Americans will suffer from depression. It’s a condition that, in recent years, has been receiving more and more attention. But the treatment of depression isn’t always the same for everyone since it isn’t simply a mental illness. If you’re grappling with depression, you might think that your options are either to …Read More

  2. Ways Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Benefit Men

    In most medical settings, discussions about hormone replacement therapy tend to revolve around women. There’s a good reason for this lopsided attention, as all women experience a significant and unavoidable hormonal imbalance at least once in their lives: menopause. The symptoms of menopause are very visible and unpleasant, causing many women in Dover to seek our options…Read More

  3. Why Do Hormones Matter So Much?

    As soon as puberty hits, we are bombarded with the talk of hormones. How our body is “maturing” and trying to balance out with new chemicals splurging inside our bodies. From this point forward we don't hear much about hormones other than the occasional reference to a menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or if something seems to be wrong. The whole concept of having a hormone i…Read More

  4. Five Myths About Testosterone Therapy

    You may have heard of testosterone replacement therapy, but chances are, what you heard was wrong. There are many myths surrounding this safe and effective treatment, despite the negative stigma that sometimes surrounds it. Here, we will debunk five common ones. Myth 1: Testosterone therapy is illegal Testosterone belongs to a class of hormones known as “steroid hormones…Read More