1. Is Your Depression Caused By Low Testosterone?

    Every year, it is estimated that over 5.25 million Americans will suffer from depression. It’s a condition that, in recent years, has been receiving more and more attention. But the treatment of depression isn’t always the same for everyone since it isn’t simply a mental illness. If you’re grappling with depression, you might think that your options are either to …Read More

  2. The Fountain of Youth

    Nothing lasts forever. That’s a true statement, and one of the ways we know we’ve truly gained maturity is our acceptance that we don’t last forever. We live, we age, we die. But times have changed, and with them have come astonishing scientific achievements. One of those is the process of anti-aging treatments and, while it won’t make you immortal, it can change h…Read More

  3. Do I Need HRT?

    It’s amazing how science can change the world. Back in the old days, men had certain expectations. We just knew that in our teens, 20’s, and 30’s, we’d have plenty of energy and virility. In our 40’s, that would start to level off, and in our 50’s and beyond, we would go into a gradual but irreversible decline. A bummer, but that’s just the way it was. But as…Read More

  4. Tipping The Scales

    We all know that life isn’t fair. But there’s something particularly cruel about being unable to meaningfully lose weight. Just imagine it. You’ve decided to take steps to improve yourself. You’re making it a point to eat more responsibly, and you’re exercising on a regular basis. Your reward? Your body continues to pretty much look exactly the same. It can be fr…Read More

  5. 5 Considerations for Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Getting older is hard. Getting older as a man can be really hard. In our culture, guys are expected to be energetic and virile, decisively striding through any situation they encounter. By and large, that’s true when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s. But once you get into your 40’s and beyond, things change. You might start losing your hair, your sex drive might go d…Read More